Latest News (12 Jul 2013): version 1.1.2 has been released

iAIDA -- an implementation of AIDA in C++

iAIDA is an implementation in C++ of the AIDA Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis, a set of interfaces designed for data analysis. Initially designed for use in experimental and theoretical physics, the AIDA interfaces can also be used in other fields.

The main aim of iAIDA is easy configuration but keeping the flexibility of PI in terms of providing means to use several of the most common I/O formats used in high-energy physics (HEP), such as HBook, ROOT and the AIDA-native compressed XML format.

iAIDA started as a refactoring of the former PI project at CERN which is now discontinued. At present iAIDA contains basic functionality concerning histogramming and tuples (tested) as well as fitting (not yet tested).

Plotting is based on the fantastic xmgrace package, which needs to be installed externally.